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The best Khmer Song in Cambodia

Today, I want to show you about the best Khmer Song blog in Cambodia or popular web blog's Khmer Song in Cambodia.I know lots of Cambodian didn't know how to use internet and didn't know the internet can share file or something that us want to share for you like are share lots of hot songs or musics and full an album for free.

Khmer Song that I love and I thing is the best in Cambodia is

SabayDL is the khmer song are update daily and easy to download. In SabayDL has lots of label like Khmer Song, Khmer Music, Khmer KaraOke, Khmer MV, Khmer HD, Khmer Movie, Khmer Comedy, Khmer Today .more and more. Now SabayDL has visitor join that blog 2k per days. SabayDL has lots of even that free premium account for fan or email.

Album that has in SabayDL

  • RHM --->
  • Sunday --->
  • Town --->
  • [M] --->
  • BigMan --->
  • Rock --->
  • Classic --->

The best for you visit at or Khmer Song

 Last updated on December 14, 2011

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